Saturday, July 16, 2011

Travel faster for less on Namma Metro

Travel faster for less on Namma Metro
Once the Metro becomes a reality you will be able to travel to M.G. Road from Byappanahalli in less than 15 minutes even during peak hours and for a much lesser fare than you would pay on a Volvo bus or in autorickshaws to travel the same distance.
The fare for Reach-1 is just Rs 15, the minimum being Rs 12, which is much lesser than the minimum fare charged by autos. Travelling on Metro passes will be even more economical. The commuters can choose to buy daily, monthly or even annual passes. Initially, Reach–1 can expect a ridership of 25,000 a day as quite a number of commercial establishments are located in Ulsoor, on MG Road and surrounding areas, says a survey conducted by the BMRCL. To begin with, the trains will run within 10 minutes of each other during peak hours and at an interval of 20 minutes during off- peak hours.
Once phase 1 is completed, the Metro trains will run at intervals of three minutes. Each of the Metro stations will have escalators, lifts, an announcement system and signages to guide commuters.
The Research Designs and Standards Organisation has completed the oscillation trials and is likely to submit its report shortly. It will be sent to the Commissioner for Railway Safety (CRS) who will give the safety certification allowing the Metro to begins its commercial operations.

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  1. realy bangalore is on the worldmap namma metro will it realy be our metro .we havetoface traficjams for some more days